Universal Eye Series

Artist’s Statement

My paintings draw images from my personal life challenges. They express my deep connection to the archetypal material that lives within you and me and all of us. I strive to convey a message, a feeling, in a way that will truly affect my audience. Through my art I reach into and then reveal my spirit, my soul. I need to have the sense that what I am doing is deep, meaningful, and important. My work offers a visible access to the pain and fear we all experience on some level. By being open to and embracing the sorrow and pain that exists in each of us, we can then be more open to the joy and love we are all capable of.

Eyes and hands play a large part in my paintings, since both express so much about a person. Seeing and touching are spiritual acts. Seeing symbolizes understanding. ‘The eye is the mirror of the soul’, reflecting what is beneath the outer layers. The eye sees the universal pain and the universal love, which are also the places where we can touch each other emotionally and spiritually.