Alchemy of Light Series

ALCHEMY OF LIGHT                                                       

ALCHEMY is defined as the process of converting the ordinary into that which is extraordinary. The intention of Alchemy is to transmute energies and to transmute self. It has long been a practice shrouded in mystery wherein its practitioners sought to find the Philosopher’s Stone (the stone that is not a stone) and to turn lead into gold – literally and symbolically. Divine alchemy is transforming darkness into light, sorrow into joy, and adversity into peace.

LIGHT has the ability to transfigure, to heal – all things, all thoughts. The vital golden light rays of the sun nurture all. The golden strands of the sun weave through everything in its path. Mystics have always emphasized the primal nature of light and claimed that we are, in fact, made of light itself. What we see as solid is really all light, energy, movement, and vibration. At our most fundamental level we are all vibrating particles of light. Science has now confirmed this in numerous ways. There is a light within each person that cannot ever be extinguished. It is you.  Since we all are sparks of the ONE Light, by seeing the same Light in each of us we dissolve the darkness of separation. By letting our light shine, we dispel the darkness of fear and ignorance.

I see ART as a healing path that has the ability to uplift and inspire, and to heal the soul. These paintings use light, color and form in order to present my inner visual experience. It is the intuitive, spontaneous explosion of light and color that I want the viewer to experience – highlighting the constant movement and impermanence of all form. The strong light of renewal shines through these paintings, mirroring the light of renewal within each one of us.

Following are a few quotes that I feel are relevant from Alex Grey in his book THE MISSION OF ART:

Art can be a channel of God’s creative light….

Artists build a bridge to the soul by doing their art….

Art becomes a bridge to the Spiritual in everyday life.

I hope this exhibit will touch you and be a bridge to your inner SELF!