Moments in Time Series


These paintings are moments in time. They reflect my love of the beauty, the radiance, and the power of nature. Each canvas originates from my “inner landscapes”. They are my unique personal expression of the essence and the spirit of the particular subject or moment I am capturing. They are not exact in form, since it is the intuitive, spontaneous explosion of color and energy that I want the viewer to experience – highlighting the constant movement and impermanence of every moment. In each of these works the strong light of renewal always shines through, mirroring the light of renewal within each one of us. My hope is that by reflecting on these “-mit.jpg” you can connect to the quiet, centered place within. I see art as a healing path that has the ability to uplift and inspire!

(These paintings were on exhibit at my Gardens of the World art show in Thousand Oaks, Ca. from August 22nd – September 26th 2005.)